About Us

Percept Dreams is known for its flawless execution is the leading Event Managment Company in Pune. It comprises of talented and diversely skilled team of enthusiastic Event Managers, Event Producers and Event Coordinators.

Our approach to event planning is defined by creativity, imagination, attention to detail and a dramatic use of technology. This approach enables us to deliver unforgettable, high quality events. Our events are tailored to each client’s particular industry norms, brand values and the nature of their guests.

Your experience is unique and original, we believe creativity coupled with attention to detail within a cost effective solution is crucial to the success of your event.

Our Approach

Typical event flow we follow :

Understanding client requirement

Our expertise team goes through a series of questions which bring out the exact requirement of the client, hence helping in understanding their needs, objectives and budget.


Quotation & proposal

We go through all the best possible solutions that we can provide to the client and send an intial event plan with the quotation to the client.


Event planning & management

When the proposal is finalised we go through all the phases of the planning including on-site and off-site activities, logistics, venue and hospitality management. On the event day we check all the small technical details in production and management and make sure event is a grand success.


Client Feedback

We believe that client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and hence after the event is a success we take their reviews to check their satisfaction level and for further improvement.