Product Launches

This part includes introduction of new products in the market or launching a new company, concept or specific product.

Intial discussion

We take down the details about the new product to be introduced in the market. Depending on the target market & the kind of product to be introduced we suggest an initial proposal.

Venue selection

It is selected depending on the no. of invities for the launch. The invities include the clients, press media & other guests. This can be a closed hall or an open venue.

Theme finalization

A theme or an concept is finalized for the launch program which can be a thematic introduction or an entry of the product on stage( through air, laser effects, or a conceptualized idea)

Logistics Management

We finalise the sound, light, stage, seating & other requirments& gets it arranged as per scheduled.


Entertainment & vendor management

The entertainment acts or performances if finailsed are managed in proper flow of the event. We insure that no delay is made in this part by the artists & the vendors involved in the logistics department


Hospitality management

We insure that everything finalized in the food & beverage section is properly prepared & served to the guests in the party on time.


Press release

The print & television media is managed properly for the creating hype about the product in the market