Sports Events

These events are organized for the internal company people.


We initially note the number of staff in the company. Depending on it we suggest the games that can be arranged with the quotation. One the proposal is finalized we start the bookings for the required elements starting with ground or stadium booking.


Pre event work

Production team in coordination with the client team finalises the no. of teams for the games & the list of employees in it.

We then start with the onsite work which starts with the markings on the ground as per the game.

The logistic & production team in coordination gets all the arrangements done including seating, food, referees for games, sound, lights, medical for the event day.

The employees are then coordinated with the timings for their match.

Event day work

The production team coordinates with the client team for the event execution.

The games are executed as per the timing & our team ensures that no time lag takes place.

Once all the games are over the prize distribution is arragned for which momentos, awards & gifts are arranged.