Team building activities

Team-building activities are the influential in a way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses – but only if the exercises are planned and carried out strategically.

We have a specific format for this kind of employee bonding events.

Our team takes down the requirements from the client team for this event.

We then come up with a proposal for this activity.

We also provide leadership management, training programs, adventure activities, outstation corporate travel & tours etc.

We arrange following elements for the team strengthening activities

  • Venue& stayarrangements
  • Travel arrangements
  • Breakfast & lunch arrangements when the team arrives on the site
  • Anchor with his team with their pre-planning of the activity.
  • Entertainment if required (like dance groups, karaoke singers etc.)
Few List of games are:
  1. Group Energizer, Warm-Up, Fun Game- Jump In & Out
  2. Tug Of War
  3. Hoopla Hoop Pass
  4. Blindfold Rope Square
  5. Back to Back Ball Race
  6. 8 player Balloon Race
  7. Caterpillar Traverse — Duct Tape Teambuilding Game
  8. Glass Walk (For Breakthrough)
  9. Electric Hands (Heads and Tails Coin)
  10. Snakes – A Trust and Team Building Activity